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HRCH Saratoga Wingate Cooper

(HRCH Saratoga Slim Pickins SH x

Little B's Im So Fine JH)


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We were saddened at Cooper's passing in November 2017. He was an integral part of our breeding program, siring numerous fine pups. He was an extremely hard charging 70 lb retriever with an incredibly strong desire to retrieve. He was an excellent marker and was very stylish in his work. In addition to being an excellent marker, Cooper also ran tremendous blinds which was a reflection of his trainability.  He had a wonderful disposition and was truly enjoyable to be around.


Cooper's offspring have proven to inherit his positive characteristics. His puppies possess a high drive yet are very biddable and tractable. Their marking is exceptional, and they do very well in water regardless of temperature. Many of Cooper's puppies are wonderful hunting partners as well as family companions. Whether in the house or in the field, his pups are enjoyable to have at your side. Please view our Testimonials page to view some of Cooper's offspring.

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