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Indy is a male from the second cross of Cooper x Gabby. He is owned by the Martin family who has this to say about him: "He's great!!! Potty trained, retrieving, sitting, a really good listener and smart, he's right on track. He's great with our little boys too!"

Indy 4 (Cooper x Gabby)
Indy 3 (Cooper x Gabby)
Indy (Cooper x Gabby)
Indy 2 (Cooper x Gabby)
Indy 5 (Cooper x Gabby)

Update on Indy (June 2016):

"He's doing great!!! He's been out helping plant millet in preparation for duck season. He's crazy smart, an excellent listener, and extremely loyal. He's very athletic. We had him out with the boat last weekend and Indy swam for two hours nonstop. I've got him chasing squirrels and rabbits away from my garden and he goes on 3+ mile walks with me pushing a stroller. He's not easily distracted or reactive to other dogs, even when they go nuts when he walks by. Couldn't ask for a better puppy! I had two people tell me last weekend they were going to steal him because they loved him. You don't hear that too often about 9 month old labs!"

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